Be the Voice

November 7, 2017

Far too many women in South Carolina are struggling to access high quality reproductive health care. Barriers to health information, services and supplies impact the health, financial stability and the dignity of us as individuals, as well as our families and communities.

This is where Be the Voice comes in.

Be the Voice is a campaign to bring together a strong, collective voice in South Carolina to advocate with and on behalf of women and their families to ensure that we each have the ability to make our own health decisions and to access the care that we need without judgment, stigma or barriers.

This campaign seeks to both counter misinformation surrounding abortion care and contraceptive access in South Carolina and to strengthen support for access to the services we need to plan our families, have healthy pregnancies and become parents when we are ready.

Recent polling data shows that 86.3% of South Carolinians agree that access to birth control helps the financial situation of families, and that relatively few – only 15%– believe that abortion care should be banned in our state.

We know that South Carolinians believe that we should support access to care and yet politicians continue to advance extreme policies that limit and even criminalize abortion, pregnancy, and parenting. They deny access to affordable birth control by refusing to fully implement the Affordable Care Act or allowing employers to withhold coverage.  They create medically unnecessary requirements on clinics that provide abortion or put up additional hurdles to people seeking care.  These policies get in the way of each person having the ability to make decisions about their own health care, their economic security, and what’s right for their individual circumstances and their lives.

We’re asking you to be part of not only pushing back on restrictions, but helping us to advance access to services that will make a positive difference in the lives of people in our state.

We’re asking you to Be the Voice against attacks on access to the reproductive health services that people need. 

We’re asking you to Be the Voice to ensure health and opportunities for South Carolina women and families. 

Be the Voice: Learn more about the barriers people in our state our facing in being able to access abortion and contraception and then TAKE ACTION!


  • Sign the #BetheVoiceSC petition to demonstrate your support for ensuring access to abortion, contraception and the full range of care we all need to manage our sexual health and plan our families and futures!
  • Grab a friend and snap a photo petition selfie and share it on social media using the tag #BeTheVoiceSC.

Together, we will be the voice for health and opportunity in our state. We will be the voice for policies that make sense and that make a real and positive difference in the lives of women and families!

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We should all have the support and information to make the important decisions that are best for our lives.

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